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What is involved in doing a Financial Plan?

A financial plan is an in depth look at your resources, expenses, and overall financial trajectory.  You use this to evaluate how reasonable your goals are and identify strengths and weaknesses of your plan and to chart a course of action.


How hard is it to get started?

A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional will have the tools necessary to guide you through the entire process.  Often the most difficult part is the first part, deciding that you want to move forward and finding and consolidating all your information for your planner.  Most find the steps of creating the plan by themselves improves their outlook and worth the effort.  The plan helps you create your vision of the future, and improves your likelihood of getting there.


What questions will a plan cover?

Most good Financial Plans are customized to you.  They take on the unique challenges and opportunities you face, and give you answers to the questions that arise such as, “When can I retire,” “Am I Saving Enough?”, “Can I Save money on Taxes?’, “Am I taking on Enough/Too Much Risk”, “What if something happens to me or a family member?”  These questions all have variations, and they relate specifically about the important issues you want to deal with.


What if I own a business?

The unique areas of your personal plan compound when you are a business owner.  Employee retention and Benefits, Succession, Control, Protection, Taxation are all common additional areas to address.  These often involve a coordination of multiple advisors including legal and accounting, so that everyone is on the same page.


How Much Does it Cost?

A personal financial plan can cost from hundreds to thousands of dollars.  In our firm, we have identified three simple levels for our plan pricing.  Starting Off, Mid Life Saver, and Pre/Post Retirement era.  We are happy to have a quick complimentary conversation with you to quote a fixed price.  We are reluctant to post our fees on the internet any more than a doctor would because to be responsible, we need to understand the uniqueness of you before we know what scope of work is to be done.  However most plans are $500, $1,500, or $2,500 to correspond to the levels above.


Do you need a license to be a financial Planner?

NO!  Pretty much anyone can start a web site and start taking on clients.  However, we took a different approach.  Over the 60+ years we have been in business, our professionals took the time to get the education, designations, and the securities and insurance licenses to be a real and knowledgeable and effective ongoing resource to you.

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