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Your Legacy. 

Transitioning Wisdom & Wealth to the Next Generation.

Your legacy is more than just finances...It's everything you are passing on to your loved ones or charities.


Have you REALLY thought this through?


Odds are you are missing something that could make a HUGE difference. Join us for an evaluation & discussion to find out. 


We set up the discussion with a brief overview on the basics, but focus on the important things we think are often overlooked.

  • Your own planning as a couple with a young family, an understanding of how to help parents plans, creating your own ideas around your wealth transfer as your plans mature or brainstorming about unique situations..

  • We hope to provide you tools that will organize your thoughts around your planning.

  • We want you to walk away with new ideas we've brought to the table and a fresh understanding of what you need to do in your own planning.

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