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Personalized and Meaningful



We cover a large range of financial services from goal planning to retirement planning. Utilizing deep resources, Comprehensive Planning, and Collaboration with Professionals we are able to deliver personalized and meaningful financial life solutions.


Our process is designed to deliver our clients planning services that make them feel confident and in control of their financial futures. It starts with listening and empathy.  Then the CFP® planning process helps us deliver solutions.


Everyone has a different journey.  Our clients appreciate the guidance, the discipline, and the art and benefits of patience. We are pleased to say that many of our clients have been referred to us from loyal clients we have had the pleasure of working with for years.


Blue Hills Wealth Management was established to provide comprehensive financial planning services

to the community. Our process starts with taking the time to truly listen to clients and

help them develop and eventually achieve their goals. We help people protect, grow, produce income and eventually pass-on wealth starting with a written financial plan to lay out the possible

options and paths a client can take and have confidence in. 


Sara and Dan are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals and
therefore follow an established process for financial planning, and act as fiduciaries to the client.

Our business model is to affiliate with top-tier partners such as our partnership with

Commonwealth Financial Network, and investment managers and strategists to deliver

on our commitment to providing big firm resources with a small firm attitude.



Generally, our clients tend to fall into one or more of the following circumstances:

Playing Soccer

Retired or

Pre-Retired Couples

Young Business Owner

Small Business Owners

Young Couple

Young Professionals


"They are so tired from running kids in different directions and trying to keep everything running smoothly, that their financial planning has been more of a “well let’s just do what we can do and see where we go” plan."

-The Young Working Couple

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